If you’re looking for pictures, videos, artwork, articles, and freebies, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve curated some of the best ones and listed the collections here. If you’d like to submit anything, you can do it through Tumblr or by contacting me.

Check out this curated collection of gifs and gif sets, made by fans. Featuring great moments in clips from movies, shows, behind-the-scenes, photoshoots, and interviews.

Fan Art
View beautiful custom drawings, paintings, and digital art created by fans in dedication to Danai and the characters she plays both on TV and in movies.

View and download free fan-made icons, which are little graphics you can use as your avatar on social media sites, forums, and anywhere else online where you can use a profile photo.

Photo Gallery
Check out the largest collection of Danai Gurira photos online. Featuring photo shoots, appearances, screen captures, and stills. Over 10,000 photos and counting!

Video Gallery
Our new video gallery makes it easy for you to browse posts on the site that include video interviews and clips.

Press Archive
Visit the new Press Archive, where you can view published articles that feature Danai and her amazing work.